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Take a stroll down Memory Lane in Clayton, Missouri

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Online Post from Carol Sue Taylor, Oklahoma City (1/4/2008)

“I grew up and lived in Clayton until I got married in 1966. I attended St. Joseph’s grade school on Meramec, was taught by the Ursuline nuns, boy were they strict. I would walk home from school down Meramec to Forsyth and then down to Hanley Road, kids today don’t walk a block. We were safe back in those days, the 50’s. I used to walk down to Woolworths after school on Forsyth and get a coke for a nickel.

My mom worked at Scruggs, Vandervoort, Barney on Hanley and Forsyth, where she managed the childrens dept., she lived to be 91 years old. For a special treat my mother and I would go to Straub’s on Saturdays and buy their delicious Danish pastries, but they were considered upscale and quite expensive. By the time I was in high school I worked at Famous Barr in Clayton doing inventory, the store would be closed and inventory would take place on Saturday evenings and all day Sunday. I also worked at Scruggs where my mother worked and then later in high school I worked at Stix over at Westroads. I remember in college that Baker’s Shoe Stores would have an end of summer sale and sell shoes for $1 a pair up to $2.99 a pair. I would save my money to buy shoes to take to college.

My favorite memory is of Lake Forest Bakery on Clayton Road, it only closed a few years ago.I remember the Mavrakos candy store in Clayton. Actor Kevin Kline was born in St. Louis, Missouri, the son of Peggy Delaney and Robert Joseph Kline, who was a classical music buff and a singer, and owned and operated ‘The Record Bar’, the largest toy and record store in St. Louis. His father’s family also owned Kline’s Inc., a department store chain. I remember Clayton High football parade days, decorating cars in front of “depo” and a police escort through Clayton while we sang our pep song as loud as we could. i remember riding my bike to Famous Barr in Clayton and just parking it in front of the store, no one ever touched it.

I also remember going to the Shady Oak Theatre on Forsyth, it was real small but you could go on Saturday afternoons for a dime and see a western, newsreel and a couple of cartoons. At Christmas time if you brought a new toy to donate, you got in free. I remember the wonderful summer day camps that the Clayton Public Schools put on, we had arts and crafts and played all different sports against the other day camps, had wonderful field trips and swim lessons at Shaw Park.I remember we had City Hospital and County Hospital depending whichever you were closest to if there was an accident you automatically went to one of them.

After college, I taught second grade at Holy Redeemer Catholic School in Webster Groves. Webster is still a beautiful place and I love to drive through the streets and admire the homes. I was at Parkmoor on Clayton Road the last day it was opened and got to have their delicious onion rings”.

Online Post from from Ron (5/3/2006)

“I remember the Crossroads Restaurant on the site of the present Galleria at Brentwood and Clayton Roads, and the Candlelight Restaurant on Clayton road. A favorite “after the prom” dinner place”.

Online Post from Jack H. Frazier (4/4/2006)

“I remember The soda fountain at Nissners across from Famous Barr in Clayton”.


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