Clayton Memories

Take a stroll down Memory Lane in Clayton, Missouri

Richard Wooley

Previously Published on July 31, 2010

The Scruggs building was neat in its day, but mostly belonged in a small sleepy suburb. I do remember that it’s opening created such a traffic jam at the intersection that the Clayton police had to direct traffic by hand, there were no traffic lights. The empty lot were the Pierre Laclede building is now was an old home, and there was another huge home on Hanley facing east behind it. The old Carlson Olds car lot and building was where the # 2 Laclede building is now. The U.S. Bank building on the northeast corner was where the old Bopp funeral home stood.

Clayton at one time had 4 new/used car lots, one there on Forsyth, one where J. Bucks is now, one west of St. Joe on Maryland on the north side, and a Chrysler dealership on Maryland west of St. Joe on the south side. The corner northwest of Maryland and Forsyth across from Straubs originally had a dog racing track on it but was gone when we played around there. The Chrysler dealership on Maryland originally had a dance and girley house on that property.

The southwest corner of Hanley and Bonhomme had an old small schoolhouse that was for black children who lived in the Bonhomme and Bemiston area. The houses were real old, narrow lots with outhouses outside behind them. They were across from what is today the 7777’s building.


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