Clayton Memories

Take a stroll down Memory Lane in Clayton, Missouri

Robert Cohen

Interview by Anna Anzilotti

Judge Robert Cohen spent his entire childhood and adolescence in Clayton, on York Drive. He remembers his first day of Kindergarten clearly, as the “traumatic” day it was, but he came to adjust to the school and like it very much. He has fond memories of walking the neighborhoods and visiting friends around the Clayton Area.When he was in elementary school and middle school, his favorite pastime was to go with friends to the nearby drug stores. He would go into the soda fountain and enjoy sodas with his friends.  On snowy days he would join the “ambitious” boys in the streets, bundled against the cold, going door to door asking to shovel drives. Judge Cohen looked up to the Cardinals as a young boy, and he dreamed of growing up to play in the major leagues alongside his idols. Judge Cohen remembers all the fantastic teachers he had through the years in the Clayton Schools, and appreciates all the wonderful things they did for him and taught him. He will always remember how wonderful it was to grow up in Clayton and all the ways it shaped him into the man he is today. He feels proud to not have “strayed” too far from the Clayton community, being a close resident today.


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