Clayton Memories

Take a stroll down Memory Lane in Clayton, Missouri

Eileen Heidenheimer

Interview by Anna Anzilotti

Mrs. Heidenheimer’s favorite memories of Clayton have been formed in the DeMun neighborhood over the years. She and her husband have been residents of Clayton for many years and the warmth and change of the DeMun neighborhood have given them many happy memories. Mrs. Heidenheimer enjoys the DeMun atmosphere “a small neighborhood, that’s in a bigger neighborhood, that is close to going downtown, close to Forest Park.” She remembers when Kaldis first opened, and all the work and public meetings that went into approving the little café. Mrs. Heidenheimer and her husband “were there on the first day.” And still enjoy sitting and people watching while savoring delicious snacks today. Beside Kaldis, it has given Mrs. Heidenheimer great joy in “seeing some of the stores opening and closing and new things moving in.” It is the constant influx of new things and families in the DeMun neighborhood that has captivated and entertained the Heidenheimer’s for many years. It is a place they are happy to call home and will always have many wonderful memories of.


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