Clayton Memories

Take a stroll down Memory Lane in Clayton, Missouri

Dave Perry

Interview by Claire Millett

Dave Perry has a multitude of great memories of Clayton, most of which involve his children. He remembers watching his son playing with a group of boys and girls that were his age, and after seeing this kindness and welcomeness of Clayton, he decided to transfer his son into the Clayton School District from a private school. He also loves the fun that the Easter Egg Hunt provides for young children, describing it “as a real riot” for the kids. One of his fondest memories of his children in Clayton was his son becoming an Eagle Scout in his troop, after putting in a lot of time and effort.

Although Mr. Perry loves Clayton, he agrees that there is always room for growth. He notices that because Clayton is a good neighborhood, older people often do not leave and as a result younger people cannot move in. He believes this will result in a slow decline in population. As such, Mr. Perry implores that we continue to increase the diversity in Clayton by bringing in kids through the bussing program (a topic Mr. Perry knows a lot about, as he led the WashU bussing effort) and providing places for younger people to call home.

All in all, Mr. Perry loves Clayton and hopes to continue to see it change and grow in the future.


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